Like humans, dogs and cats can suffer from a variety of problems related to their heart and lungs.  Cardiac problems are common in both young and old animals. Symptoms may include lethargy, respiratory difficulty, cough, and weight loss. With proper treatment, most cardiac problems can be managed or resolved.
Green Dog Cardiology is equipped to handle all of your pet’s cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary needs. State-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic cardiology equipment, the same as used in humans, is available for your pet. Green Dog Cardiology is run by Board-certified veterinary cardiologist Dr. Hayley McDonald
Dr. McDonald gained her Bachelor of Veterinary Science from Massey University, New Zealand in 2009. Following graduation, she spent 3 years in small animal practice and a further 2 years as an ECC clinician in Australia. She undertook a Ph.D. at the University of Queensland in 2013 with a focus on pharmacological therapy targeting cardiac fibrosis in ischemic heart disease. Hayley joined the Cardiorespiratory Service at the University of Glasgow in 2015 as a Resident in Small Animal Cardiorespiratory Medicine and has now moved into a lectureship position.

Green Dog Cardiology service features a full-service interventional cardiology suite capable of minimally invasive procedures. 

Symptoms of Canine or Feline Heart Problems
  • Weakness
  • Exercise intolerance
  • Shortness of breath or apparent difficulty in breathing (due to fluid in the lungs or chest cavity)
  • Fast breathing at rest (although don't confuse this with normal panting)
  • Collapse
  • Fainting spells
  • Cough
  • Elevated heart rate