Green Dog Dental Now Offers quietTIME Calming Spray

All Natural Calming Spray for Dogs Now Online

Los Angeles, CA – Green Dog Dental & Wellness, a Los Angeles based veterinarian and leader in dental services for pets, has added quietTIME to its line of pet products.  The all natural spray is designed to calm and quiet nervous pets.  This powerful blend of essential oils brings a calming energy to pets when misted in the air thoroughly around them or on their bed.  quietTIME works immediately after only a couple of inhalations.

This is a powerful, proprietary blend of 100% therapeutic grade Roman Chamomile, Lavender and Sweet Marjoram essential oils. When misted around a dog, quietTIME will be helpful in reducing hyperactivity, separation anxiety, sleeplessness, thunderstorms, destructive nervousness, veterinary visits, night-time pacing and other situations that make your pet nervous.  This is a must have for rescue dogs as they acclimate to their new environment.

“We are thrilled to add quietTIME to our collection of all natural pet products. Anxiety is such a big part of some pets’ lives and owners are not always sure on the best method for calming their dog.  This all natural formula is one that we believe will help owners create a much more relaxed environment for their pets,” commented Dr. Ren Garcia.

The company is committed to developing a collection of products that are environmentally and animal considerate with no chemicals or additives that could have a negative impact on the long-term health of a pet.  Combined with ongoing education, the company continues to focus on helping pet owners make better all, natural decisions regarding their pet’s care and products.

Green Dog Dental quietTIME is now available for purchase online at

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