Los Angeles Based Vet Adds dentalDUST to Pet Product Line

Green Dog Dental Expands Preventative Dental Care for Cats and Dogs

Los Angeles, CA – Green Dog Dental & Wellness, the Los Angeles based veterinarian and leader in dental services for pets, announced the addition of dentalDUST to the company’s line of pet products.   Developed by the founder of Green Dog Dental & Wellness, Dr. Ren Garcia, dentalDUST is a preventative dental care additive that utilizes enzymes and natural ingredients that work in tandem to promote good dental hygiene.

dentalDUST was designed especially for dogs and cats with an emphasis on all natural, human quality ingredients that include green tea, coconut, inulin, goat milk whey, anise, papaya, yucca, calcium bentonite and kelp.  Each ingredient plays a specific role in supporting clean teeth and fresh breath.

Dr. Garcia commented, “We are excited to expand our line of dental care products as it ties in directly to our mission of educating pet owners about the connection between dental care and general health.  It all starts with preventative dental care and using an additive like dentalDUST, combined with smileSPRAY, assists in preventing dental issues that impact the length and quality of a pet’s life.”

The product is a result of Dr. Garcia’s as ongoing research into the most successful ways to promote dental care in pets. dentalDUST is one more way that pet owners can help their pets maintain a healthier mouth with better breath.

The company is committed to developing a collection of products that are environmentally considerate with no chemicals or additives that could have a negative impact on the long-term health of any pet. 

Green Dog Dental dentalDUST is available online now in addition to smileSPRAY, the signature Green Dog product. 

Green Dog Dental & Wellness is a leader in promoting the evolving views on pet dental care with a California based collection of veterinarian offices which originated in Beverly Hills, CA in 2011.  Founded by Dr. Ren Garcia, a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the company is focused on integrating preventative dental care into mainstream pet treatments and services by providing education and innovative, organic dental care products. The company provides full veterinary services and has served over 20,000 patients in the Los Angeles area.

For more information visit www.greendogdental.com. To learn more about future products, call 323-460-4545 or email smile@GreenDogDental.com

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