How to Clean Your Dog's Ears

Regular ear cleaning is an important part of dog ownership. And just like cleaning their teeth, most dogs don’t particularly enjoy it.  Our name may be Green Dog Dental but we are all about total wellness!

Pet Ear Cleaning Made Easy

But luckily for you and your pooch, ear cleaning is almost always simple, inexpensive, and painless. It’s also a great first line of defense for preventing costly and painful ear infections. 

Start When They Are Young

As with most things, exposing your pup to having their ears cleaned when they’re still young is the best way to get your dog used to it and minimize the drama that often accompanies ear cleaning. And depending on which type of dog you have, ear cleansing may be a weekly occurrence (dogs with long, pendulous ears often require more frequent cleanings than dogs with erect ears).

Here is What You Need

In order to effectively clean your dog’s ears, be sure to have the following on hand:

  1. A veterinary approved ear cleansing solution
  2. Cotton balls
  3. Treats!

As far as how to clean your dog’s ears, your best bet is to get on the floor and sit at your dog’s level. You’ll likely need to gently (or not so gently, depending on how tolerant your dog is) restrain them, so it may be easier if you have a second human on hand to help you.

Once you’ve secured your pooch, gently grasp one ear and hold their ear flap up to expose their ear canal.

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