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dentalDUST food toppers are all-natural, human grade food toppers that enhance the flavor of your pet’s food to keep healthy food interesting for your pet.  Our food toppers are made with minimal ingredients and are locally sourced.  They include protein, fruit and vegetable combinations such as chicken and coconut and salmon and tilapia.

A sprinkling of dentalDUST on your pet’s regular food will add a new taste and smell.  All our dental DUST products are hand-crafted and packed in California with no artificial preservatives and have a shelf life of about a year


  • About 2 ounces of human grade food topper
  • Eco-shaker container, food approved
  • Instruction card


  • All natural, human grade food toper can be used daily to keep healthy food flavorful and interesting for your pet
  • dentalDUST is made in the U.S.A. with 100% natural, human grade ingredients
  • dentalDUST is made by vets for their pets


While this product is made of human grade ingredients, it is intended for use in animals.  Use only as directed.  Keep this all pet products out of the reach of children and other animals. Safe for cats and dogs over 10 weeks old.

Only human grade ingredients are used in our all natural food toppers.


  • Chicken & Rosemary
  • Chicken & Coconut
  • Salmon & Tilapia


Sprinkle on top of each meal of wet food as desired.