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purrfectCALM is an all-natural, spray designed to calm and quiet nervous cats.  A top seller that is a powerful blend of hydrosols developed by vets for their pets.  Harnessing the power of lavender and chamomile hydrosols, purrfectCALM brings a calming energy to cats when misted in the air thoroughly around them or on their beds. Works immediately after only a couple of inhalations.

When misted around your cat, purrfectCALM is helpful for hyperactivity, separation anxiety, thunderstorms, veterinary visits, and other situations that make your cat nervous.  

A must for rescues.


  • 4 oz. purrfectCALM spray
  • Instruction card


  • Works quickly and gently to calm your cat
  • Pleasant aroma for pets and people
  • All natural ingredients
  • purrfectCALM is made in the U.S.A.
  • purrfectCALM is made by vets for their pets


Use with caution on cats prone to seizure or asthma attacks.  Do not use on kittens under ten weeks old.


A proprietary blend of Lavender and Chamomile hydrosols.


Shake well for 3 seconds and liberally mist the area above your cat and their bedding.  Avoid eye area.  If necessary wait a couple of minutes and mist again.