How to Keep Your Dog's Teeth White

When your dog is a puppy, you probably pay a great deal of attention to their teeth. This is mostly because puppy owners spend a lot of time trying to avoid getting bitten!  Green Dog Pet Products and Green Dog Dental have some tips on how to keep them pearly white their entire life.

Keep Teeth White for a Lifetime

The one thing you may have noticed is that the teeth of a young dog are exceptionally white. And believe it or not, it is possible to retain most of this whiteness throughout your dog’s life. Dental deterioration and discoloration occurs in dogs when proper dental hygiene measures aren’t taken. But if you clean your dog’s teeth regularly you have a very good chance of keeping their teeth shiny and white.

It's Simple: Clean Teeth Regularly

The most important thing you can do to help keep your dog’s teeth white and shiny is to clean them regularly the same we do for people. Use a toothpaste or dental spray made specifically for dogs, never use human toothpaste or dental products as it may make your dog ill!

Most dog toothpaste brands do not contain whitening agents, as dogs are less concerned with this aesthetic factor than human beings are. But honestly? Your pup doesn’t need them anyway. Regular cleaning with smileSPRAY or brushing with a regular dog toothbrush and toothpaste should be enough to keep your pooch’s teeth white.

When in Doubt, See the Vet

If you think your dog is in need of a serious whitening, your best bet is to bring them to the vet for a professional cleaning. Never use whitening products made for humans on your dog’s teeth!

If you live in Los Angeles, your are lucky...Dr. Garcia specializes in pet dental care.  Visit the Green Dog Gazette for more tips such as how to tell if your pet has a toothache.  Thank you for the care you give your furry friend!