What are the Top April Wellness Tips for Your Dog?

Spring is almost here! And with the arrival of warmer weather, Green Dog Dental has some special things to keep in mind to keep your pets healthy, happy, and safe.  The outdoors will be even more appealing and we certainly support long walks in the park or a hike in the hills.

Don't Forget Flea and Tick Meds

Tick season is almost here! While you should be using a flea and tick preventative year-round, the bug populations really shoot up during the warmer months, and it’s more important than ever to remember to keep your pet safe from creepy crawlies.  For flea control we recommend Revolution which is available through your vet.  For ticks be sure to comb your pet after each outing and look between toes and in ears for these pests.

Keep Chemicals Out of Reach

From fertilizer to pesticides, there are a variety of outdoor chemicals, usually used for lawn care, that your pet may have access to. Keep any chemicals safely out of your pet’s reach, preferably under lock and key, and be sure to read the labels carefully to ascertain when it’s safe for your pet to play in a yard that’s been treated with chemicals.

Don’t Forget Dental Care for New Pets!

Spring is kitten and puppy season so if you are acquiring a new dog or cat, dental care is one of the most important things you can do for your pet’s health. Poor dental hygiene can cause all sorts of health problems, and not just in the mouth.  As soon as they get their adult teeth you should set up a preventative care program.  smileSPRAY and dentalDUST are a great combo to get started.

Introducing dentalDUST

If your pet isn’t jazzed about having their teeth brushed - a pretty common problem - there are plenty of other oral care products that can help keep your pet’s mouth clean and healthy. One of our favorites is our new dentalDUST, a tasty food topper that helps promote better oral health and fresh breath. Made from human-quality ingredients and hand-crafted and packed in California, these food toppers are made with a combination of all natural ingredients such as coconut, green tea, kelp, papaya and yucca. Just sprinkle on their food and you are on your way.

Created as a complement to our smileSPRAY, dentalDUST can help promote healthy teeth and gums by harnessing the power of a variety of all natural ingredients. 

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